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SonKissed Soul has a God-given gift for writing with  expression through lyrical stanzas and conversation. 

Love, Balance, and Peace are in clear sight; bringing you joy and delight with the Different Strokes from her right.

Gracefully walking through the Journey of Life; she marvels at the new adventures her son brings.
Thanking The Creator for the happiness revealed in the Simple Things. 

Visionary of her own reality, becoming aligned with her destiny.

Writings of a new life and new endings are the stories her ink sings. 

Sonkissed Soul

"Daughter of MotherEarth, I infinitely create love to ensure my son has a better life to come into his God-given purpose."

I am Touched by the son thru The Creator’s Sun.

Through the Sun’s energy and rays from above, we are spiritually being guided by The Creator to a Greater Life’s Purpose.

- SonKissed Soul

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