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2016 = Power #9

Updated: Feb 5


2016 pushed me to where I am in this moment. It was an experience with a combination of roller coaster emotions and feelings. 

I felt that I lost myself; I had no boundaries. I allowed myself to become vulnerable to individuals that were not vulnerable to me. I was in the “tunnel vision” of love. 

I was not listening to my intuition nor “seeing the signs”. I got lost somewhere in between  the transition of becoming who I truly was to be and individuals who were not deserving of my energy.

The Path of Least Resistance

It’s like, I had to stray off of my wonderful  path, to experience the mental, emotion, and physical pain of how The Laws of Attraction worked.  I took the path of least resistance, to obtain a false sense of family and love (security). 

I would subconsciously think on the survival mode, without consciously living in the moment and realizing the reality of the decisions I made up  to this point. I was digging myself deeper into a hole because of what I thought to be true. 

I was getting older and felt I needed a family that I could truly bond with. I was always the “third wheel” and would be involved in relationships that were not deserving of my energy. 

I felt that I achieved so much in my life, but it was just me. 

Instant Gratification

In comes the instant family. There were pros and cons, as in any blended family dynamic. However, there were too many cons and me being too many She-Ros to everyone! The experience of those relationships, in hindsight, were intolerable. There were several lessons learned, but I now embrace them all for the acceleration of the transforming mind.

I vowed to value myself and future relationships that I entered. 

This journey, at this moment, has been awakening and enlightening.

Laws of Attraction

I innerstand the laws and the state of conditioning that I was in. I focused on myself. I prayed, pulled myself out of the hole, and manifested  to the better version of she.  

Emotional intelligence, breadcrumbing, crystallization, journaling, and virtual memory, have all been techniques used to innerstand there is an entity larger than this body. And that I have all of the boldness, determination, and love within. I did not need to seek it externally. 

Being intuned and aligned within, Being unbothered, and loving individuals for where they are in their journey in life have been key take aways for a continued peace of mind. 

As I continue to love on she and say praises to The Creator, I write in aspirations of sharing my gifts, truths, and journeys of living in the moment through this life experience.  

Breathe Again 


I wished that I could be here for you

In the realm that you lay. 

But you see, I had to go somewhere, 

That I am comfortable and welcomed to stay. 

The spirits that are attached to you,

Are in disagreement with themselves.

They push you, then push me away.

You must unlearn to relearn

Your Truths and Light within yourself. 

TheBattle has already been won

Mediate, Manifest, and stay focused in the Sun.

Block the words of the weak

You have always been beautiful and strong. 

Your ombience is unique; Heart of a blue whale

No one can compete. 

You are your only competition 

So stop petitioning

For the ignorance of the false, half-listening. 

Set the stage for Abundance…Your Greatness

For there is more in store


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I love this! Thank you for sharing your journey. ❤️

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