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You are a Magnetic for Money

You are a magnetic for money.

Money is energy and you are energy.

Energy flows where attention is focused.

You are constantly attracting money or repelling money

based on your thoughts and words.

The more Gratitude you express for the smaller things,

The more currency flows to you.

The more you complain about what you need or don't have,

The currents slow down due to the negativity possessed.

For you see, the thoughts and words that you express in every moment,

About your Abundance or lack of...

Are indicators to The Universe and The Divine Creators of "Who you are".

When paying bills or repaying borrowed money.

Never think of this as lack of funds for other things.

Instead release this money with Gratitude for the services that you received.

For these were things needed for your livelihood.

The focus today is writing "Thank you for the money" on top of any bills you receive.

When writing this phrase, ensure to feel all positive energies and the Gratitude of this payment.

Once it's time to send the money, write in the Memo section, "Thank you-Paid".

Remember: The more Gratitude you feel the more money will magically appear.

This is my summary of Day 9 reading from The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

"Continue to keep a Light heart and be the Light for the darkness" - Sonkissed Soul

-Asé, Asé, Asé-Ooo

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Feb 09

Awesome. I need this reminder myself and I am sure will touch many with this powerful message. Keep up the good work. This is a reminder for all of us. Especially when we are challenge with difficult circumstances concerning money.

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