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Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Welcome to a featured blog post brought to you by Sonkissed Soul, a poetess, a blogger and Creative Freelance Writer. In this post, Sonkissed Soul was asked to write an expression of love for an anniversary of one of her dear Sistars and her husband. I enjoyed feeling the joy in their laughter and tears of how my words touched their souls. Hold on and enter the Journey of my passion!

Today is a special day, for us to renew

The memories creating a sacred union.

Expressing before the world,

My love and vows for you.

My feelings revealed daily and cannot be misconstrued.

The pulsations of my heart’s chambers, flowing freely

My levels of love with you consistently open.

On today, enhanced with a boost, never missing a beat,

This is the day ordained for us,

As The Kargbo’s.

No one can account for the challenges we’ve overcome,

The love for our daughter, and creating our beloved son.

Unstoppable forces of energies, led by God’s Grace

The world is our oyster, and we are enchanted...

Showstoppers on the red carpet, walking in Faith

My mouth; often witty, can slice like blades.

Your love for me, never fades nor dissipates.

Nonchalantly, you absorb the words yet remain un-phased.

Balancing my scales; blocking outside interference

No side-lines can ever compete; they remain weak.

Loyalty shown; even in the tests and times you are alone.

Reassuring, that I am the Only Trophy in our home

What we have is Golden and continues to build strength.

Our love has grown through the years; I pray for continued peace.

Through the Lord’s word, truth continually flows,

I love you as my King...

Your Queen on this Throne

Copyright © 2023 TheSonKissedSoul All Rights Reserved

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Jul 31, 2023

I love this poem. What a way to express the power of true love for your loved one. Thanks for sharing this awesome message.

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