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Pursuing your Passion while Parenting

Welcome to a featured blog post brought to you by Sonkissed Soul, a Poetess, a blogger and Creative Freelance Writer. In this post, Sonkissed Soul will be discussing challenges in the pursuit of working your passion full time while being a single parent and having an eighty hour work schedule. Hold on and enter the Journey of my passion!

You’ve realized that the job you are currently working, no longer serves the same purpose within your life. What you once thought was exciting and mastery at different levels; are now daunting and draining tasks. On top of that, your body aches from the consistent sitting or standing, poor food choices, health scares, dry eyes and headaches from reading documents from your computer screens (Yes with an “s”)!

The icing on the cake, parenting for the little one who is dependent upon you.

What now? What are your options? Is it worth the risk?

Simply put, Yes!

In this blog, Sonkissed Soul will illustrate how having faith in something greater than yourself can guide you and transform your perceptions on life. Challenges while transitioning to work your passion full time. And let’s not forget the biggest obstacle... Yasss, Parenting!

Sonkissed Soul will also discuss remaining focused on your goals, remaining patient with yourself, and learning how to balance to achieve set goals.

So, if you‘re ready to journey through my passion, keep reading to discover how you can begin the transformation into your purpose.

Spiritual Practice

Having a Spiritual Practice that supersedes your innerstanding of self, other individuals, and the world is at the top of my agenda. Whatever you may call your Higher Power, it can be seen as a “checks and balances“. Having a spiritual relationship is Key. Knowing who you are and the power of the Creator within you, unlocks the true potential of what you are to become.

Always remember that you will not be liked, but you should always be respected and respect yourself. Everyone has different outlooks on life and are in their own stages of healing. Their style may not suit your needs. And what you offer may not catch their attention, but that's alright. Continue to treat yourself and others with dignity and make sure your interactions always end on a good note.

Be Intentional

Every job experience is unique and there are different workloads depending on the occupation. However, practice intentionally setting the atmosphere to change your situation.

As with exercising and weight loss, 80 percent is mental and 20 percent is physical activity. Set a target and a timeframe to reach that goal. Write your goals down and review daily.

This creates habits leading to successful accomplishments.

I found that practicing these 4 techniques, creates a positive headspace:

Breathe. Take deep long breaths and focus for 10 mins. Breathe and meditate on one thought at a time.

Visualize. Visualize yourself working your passion. Everything you’ve imagined and written down has come to fruition.

Speak Positively. Love on You! Speak Positive words into your space and give yourself Grace.

Sunbathing. Soak in the Sun and receive the natural Vitamin D while listening to what nature brings you.

Job Challenges

We have all been there; some may not have realized it, but we are capable of having an off day. Once you realize there's an imbalance, be intentional in refocusing your energy to a more positive light. Realize that you cannot take back what has already been done. And sometimes, all you can do is apologize and make up for a mistake on the back end.

Things to consider:

Work to Build. Work your job and invest a percentage into your company‘s mission.

Build then Thrive. Continue building to create a following, which allows your mission statement to Thrive.

Thrive on Passion. Thrive off of your Passion and Purpose to serve people through your gift(s).


Yep, I’m convinced that no one was ever ready for parenting…LOL! There are so many books geared towards parenting and 101 YouTube Videos. To DIYs for making diaper videos and Step-by-Step Guides to parenting destruction…an overload on everything!

I innerstand that the majority of these people have capped letters behind their names. However, every child is different. Therefore every parent is different, so there’s a 2 to 1 ratio with different ideologies on how something should be approached…sometimes.

I am a single parent, so I often play the role of both parents. It wasn’t by choice, but that’s a whole different journey and blog to explore (wink wink ). Therefore communication is important to not become overwhelmed and exhausted with each other.

Laugh if you must, but I found that incorporating the basic military tactics utilized during basic training and officer school such as time management, exercise, organization, and continuously improving your "foxhole"; to be a great foundation and learning structure for my son.

Having a constant routine and allowing him to be independent early teaches both of us more about each other. I have to learn how he learns, while teaching him what he needs to know.

It can be exhausting, but when you’re focused on the betterment from an unfathomable life situation, you dig deeper within your core to pursue the happier and freer version of you. You will remove additional expenses and substances to ensure the perfect lifestyle for your child. We both deserve it.

Parenting brings out a different person. Whether good or bad, that new person will eventually surface. In my case, it was the better version of me that I did not know I was capable of being. Parenting has allowed me to thrive better in my work environment.

It has shown me that life is worth enjoying every moment away from a desk and to capture as many photos and videos as possible...Trust me, you will not remember everything.

And most importantly, take the risk! My son is a risk taker to the fullest! He’s a mixture of Teen Titans and Madagascar with a hint of Jurassic Park.

I love it and I love him for being who he is and showing me, “I’m ok!”

Continue loving yourself and taking steps to ground yourself with nature to release the tensions triggering dis-ease within your body. Release things and people who do not bring a positive impact within your spectrum.Continue to speak words and phrases into your life. Always incorporate positive music and books to open your mind to the limitless possibilities.

Once you‘re ready to transition from the workplace to your passion, I suggest submitting the proper resignation and Give Thanks for the job experiences. No additional explanation needed, just your peace of mind in pursuit of your passion.

To conclude this portion of this blog, SonKissed shares her poem, Love Prayer, followed by one of her favorite artists Seal with Don’t Cry. Both were a part of the creative process in celebrating healing through music and writing.

Love Prayer

Lord, as I come to you on this day

I come with an open heart to receiving the mercies

and great wonders that await me.

For this is an unique day

Unknown to any man.

Your word says that Love is the key

and always prevails.

And specifically ask and it shall be given

Your love never fails.

The gospel encourages us to love with our heart, mind, and soul.

Live freely within every moment

discovering your unfolding truths.

Today, I ask for unconditional love to flow through me

I ask for a pure heart for others that have rejected,

Insulted, abandoned, and who have emotionally hurt me.

Whether it was intentional or unintentional,

Allow for the continuous flow of love to be expressed.

For Your love continues healing me.

Love is patient, love is kind, and love never hurts.

Your love has always been there

Never faded,

Even though …I may have strayed away.

Your love revealed to me

a Better day.

Giving Thanks for saving my life

Your love and words blocked stressors thrown at me.

Today, I ask for a light heart and a peaceful mind.

Giving thanks to the dark,

The Light of Your love always shined

Giving me that much needed spark.

Lord, continue to place loving, pure, and genuine people on my path of righteousness as I venture into my greatest day.

For you are omnipotent and omnipresent.

Giving Thanks for your spirits of love

And energies that shield my soul.

I love your love

And what You’ve shown.

You continue to reveal...

Every second… to minute

Every mile walked …or driven,

Love beyond what the eye can see.

I’m on your heels, Lord,..I will never stray away from Thee.


Courtesy of YouTube

Copyright © 2023 TheSonKissedSoul All Rights Reserved

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